How To Grow Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is one of those things that are never going to be leaving the table of someone that counts with a vegetable garden because this squash counts with some peculiar features that make it a very entertaining and interesting squash to grow when you want to add something to your garden in a new basis, however, if you are a beginner in this world of gardens, then you should take a deep breath and start reading the next explanation to finally understand how to grow acorn squash easily without too many complications or obstacles in your way, let’s begin.


First of all, you should know things like the height and space that this acorn squash will require in your garden, and for starters, this squash counts with a measure of 50 square feet or 4.5 meters of requirement, so you need a considerable amount of space in your garden to put this squash into a growing procedure, but don’t worry, the measures shouldn’t disrupt your mind, everything will be easy. Also, you need to keep in mind that these seeds need a certain range of temperature in the soil to avoid further problems, these soil temperatures are between 60F to 90F (15 C to 32C), and remember that the sunlight is pretty much a requirement, but don’t put the squash in a point where the sunlight will hit directly since you want to provide the required nutrients, not burning the poor plant.


To start with the procedure, you need to build small hills of dirt in the soil of your garden and then proceed to put two or three seeds of this squash in every single hill, take in mind that two hills will be more than enough for a complete family, so it’s up to you how much you want to grow. When the seeds are all sprouted, it’s time to do some work in the seeds since you will be taking care of the two or three that are the highest or stronger to make sure that the final results will be worth it, also keep in mind that you MUST destroy any weeds or bad plagues that may want to attack the squash and furthermore everything will be worthless.


You need to take care of the squash every single day to see that no worm or insects are attacking your squash remember that they are very common to suffer from diseases that were transmitted by insects that were eating the poor plant, keep an eye in the early symptoms of infection and try to reduce the amount of damage by cutting the damaged parts and treating the healthy parts be careful and don’t damage the healthy parts of the squash.


You will know that is time to harvest your acorn squashes when the first hard frost is coming, remember that they are not good in this kind of seasons, however, if this date is still very far away you still can harvest this squash when you start seeing that the skin is hard enough to resists being pierced by your fingernails, this is the great symptom that your squashes re more than ready for being harvested, you need to be careful while cutting the vine, don’t pull it for any reason, and also leave at least 2.5cm of stem attached, you will be grateful for this in the future, that’s it! Everything has been performed correctly and your acorn squashes are ready to be enjoyed, stay safe!

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